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Author's Notes: Here ya go! :D Second chapter! And if you haven't yet answered... How many chapters should I write?!?! D: Enjoy ^^! Two chapters in one day... WOOHOOT! First time ever :P! Praise me ! ;)

Disclaimer: See Disclaimer in chapter one. :)


36th Failure… And More

Chapter 2. A New Case

‘’Sherlock?! SHERLOCK!!’’

‘’Myeah?... You asked for me, Watson?’’ said Sherlock.

Watson opened big wide eyes and jumped a bit as he realized Sherlock was looking down on him from above his beda t only a few centimeters from his face.

‘’Erm... Sherlock, what are you doing in my face?’’ Watson asked in a doubtful voice.

‘’Well,’’ said Sherlock, walking away from the bed where Watson was lying. ‘’I wanted to see if you were going to wake up anytime soon for… I have a new case to talk to you about.’’

‘’Oh really?’’ asked the doctor as he sat up on his bed, trying to shake the sleep away from him.

He yawned when Sherlock began to explain it.

‘’You see, there’s a miss Shordin asking me to retrieve her missing child. The police of London obviously failed at it, so she came to me knowing full well I would succeed…’’

As Watson was trying to really wake up, Sherlock kept on explaining. The dear doctor missed some words due to his many yawns and clouds over his eyes, but he still grasped the main idea of it.

‘’So, what do you think?!’’ joyfully asked Sherlock, hands on his hips.

‘’It’s super.’’

Watson yawned again and stood up.

‘’Look, Sherlock… I need to wash my face before I can really give my opinion about it.’’ He said, trotting to a bowl filled with fresh water.

Their maid had surely changed it this morning while he was asleep.

‘’By the way, did you even have breakfast?’’ he asked after having washed his face.

Sherlock made a weird and innocent but cute face as the only answer to Watson’s question.

‘’Humpf, it seems not. Sherlock! You KNOW a day isn’t well started without a good breakfast. Come on… We’ll go and get one.’’

Watson walked down the stairs, quickly followed by Holmes, and pushed the kitchen’s door opened. He froze on the spot as he saw the maid hadn’t prepared the meal yet.

‘’Hum, looks like we’ll gave to do it ourselves!’’ Well, myself, since you never help with anything more than you cases…’’

Sherlock didn’t even reply and went to sit down at the table, waiting for the food. Watson rolled his eyes and hobbled to the counter.

As he prepared the meal, Watson just couldn’t stop thinking over some past tries that transformed itselves into failures towards a love relationship with the greatest detective in London there ever was. Like the first time he had tried anything was when he had handed a glass of water to Holmes who was thirsty… Let’s just say that the greatest detective shot him a glance of suspicion. 1st failure. The second one was when he had touched ‘’accidently’’ (he hadn’t wanted to tell Holmes it was on purpose…) his mate’s hand. Holmes had quickly stopped walking and found a subject as though to act as if nothing had happened. Second failure.

He placed the plates in front of them and they ate mostly in silence until Watson exclaimed i twas a good brand new case which his colleague had found. Sherlock smiled at his companion out of happiness and pride.

After their good meal, they both walked to the entrance hall. And then, Watson had an idea…

‘’Here. Your coat, Holmes.’’ Said Watson, radiant, holding out Sherlock’s coat to its owner.

Sherlock only frowned out of suspicion (again!) and confusion, grabbed it, put it on and went out followed by Watson.

‘’Damn! 37th failure… me and my big mouth or good intentions… or tries!’’ growled Watson to himself.

He locked the door and there they were… gone for the next new case!!!

Author's Notes: Hiya everyone! :D Here's finally the sequel to After You! I decided to enumerate his 36 failures as well as...more :D! Because Watson will never stop trying xD! Also, I got a CRUCIAL question... how many chapters do you think I should write because I'm lost right now!!!!?!?! D: !! Thanks :D

Disclaimer: Bla bla bla! Same thing as always! Idea=mine, fanfic= mine, Representation of S/W= mine, for the rest, Conan Doyle :D

36th Failure… And More


Chapter 1. Working

Watson was sitting at his work desk in his and Sherlock’s huge research room. He was nose-deep in the opened book in front of him, writing down some information about a recently deceased patient. As he was writing in some medical truths, a head popped in the doorframe and a soft but audible knock was heard.

‘’Watson? May I disturb you for--- Oh, of course I can!’’ Sherlock exclaimed, jumping all merrily into the big room.

‘’I wanted to ---- What are you doing, Watson?’’ he suddenly asked, peeking at the books spread out in front of his long-life companion.

Watson sighed.

‘’I’m writing down crucial information about my newest deceased patient.’’ He answered.’’ What do you want, Sherlock?’’

He threw his pen onto his desk, then stretched and took a hold of his chair’s back.

‘’Well… I want to show you something!’’ excitedly said Holmes, smile on his face, waving him to come and join him. ‘’Come on!’’

Watson sighed again then got out of his comfy chair and walked up to Sherlock. He nicely opened the door and let him pass.

‘’Thank you…’’ whispered the renown detective as he passed by his friend.

Watson chuckled as he let go of the door. ‘’Oh, you said it on the moment this time! Wonderful!’’


Sherlock rushed down the stairs and flung the door open for them both to pass. He was excited to show Watson’s the purpose of their stroll; He just couldn’t contain his excitation.

‘’So, what are you going to show me?’’

‘’Oh, just you wait. You’ll see! It’s a surprise!’’ said Sherlock, all smiley.

Watson rolled his eyes and sighed a bit. He knew it would not give anything to keep on trying to get a hint from Sherlock Holmes right now.

So, instead of resisting, he just followed nonchalantly and closely. They walked for a good couple of minutes, passed by many stores and restaurants, before arriving at the entrance of a narrow alley.

Watson frowned and turned to Sherlock who was gleaming with utter joy and excitement.

‘’See? See?!’’ asked Sherlock.


But Watson didn’t even get to finish his sentence that Holmes pulled him by the hand and brought him near a little silver memorial plaque. There was written on its surface the name Sherlock Holmes in bronze.

‘’No way!!...’’ Watson leaned to get a better view of it. Surprised and amused by this, a smile formed istelf on his face.

‘’But I thought you didn’t want to be..exposed. So, why are you this gleeful?’’

‘’Well.’’ Replied Holmes, faking a deep concentration. ‘’At a time in a man’s life, he wants to be remembered any way he can so… Why not?! I accepted. Plus, that’s only the second reason I have brought you here…’’

‘’The second? Then, what is the first, Holmes?’’ asked Watson on the defensive.

‘’So you would be more surprised…’’

And Holmes rushed to his companion, put his hands on either side of his face and kissed him passionately. The shock of the impact made Watson stumble a bit until he hit the nearest brick wall with his back.

Though this was unpredictable and risky for everyone passing bu could see them and denounce them with no shame at all, they stood there, kissing deeply as if nothing else existed.

‘’Sherlock?’’ thought Watson in confusion.

*                                 *                                       *                                        *

Plus, some of you might remember I had said I'd post TWO chapters at once... well..here's the second one , my dears! :D  : cat-2worlds.livejournal.com/8092.html

Author's Notes: Hello! :D Hope you'll like it! Also..May I warn you this is reaaaally disturbing BUT it's fun xD.. Anyways, you'll get why ;)!...

Disclaimer: I own nothing but they idea for this fanfiction, this fanfiction, my representation of them, my writing style :DDD!

Comment please :D! I love that!!!!!!!! ^^

Pairing: You'll see ;)..But obviously there is Grimm in it xDD!!!

Also, this is the longest fanfiction I have ever written o.O!..Applaud me ! :P

Another Side

Grimm was quickly moving forward in the ship’s corridors, weapon ready in case anything weird came in sight. A few minutes earlier, the ship had encountered some ions tornado in space or something like that, he thought.

It had engulfed the vessel completely and it was now swirling upside down and round as Grimm tried to stray straight up on his two feet. Even though he somewhat felt sick because of the swirling, as a member of a special squad, he knew how to walk carefully and stay protected.

He stopped as he passed by a window and looked through it. It was pitch-black outside. His nose was almost glued to it since he held his face so close to the window. There were no stars; nothing! Nothing else than void impersonated by blackness.

He moved away from the window, his breath leaving a big spot of condensation on it, and began walking forward again.

He turned the corner and…

The ship his something and the force of the impact threw him violently against the nearest metallic walll. He fell unconscious as soon as his head hit the wall. And now… everything was gone. Black, as he had seen out of the window…

An undetermined time passed before Grimm finally woke up. He desperately tried to sit which he managed to do after a bit of struggling, then flattened himself against the wall.

He grunted out of pain and brought his left hand to his head. When he looked at it, there was fortunately no blood on his hand. After a sigh of relief and plain surprise, he stood up and walked the best he could with the headache attacking him without any shame.

He suddenly thought it would be best to try and find his teammates, so he called out : ‘’Sarge! SARGE! Portman!...HEY?!’’

But no answer came. So, trying to control his shaking due to sudden fear, he advanced in the black of the ship’s corridors…

Out of all expectations, a soft light came to his eyes. He turned the next corner, wondering about what he might find there. He got completely taken by surprise when he saw that the supposed sliding door wasn’t there. No. Instead, there was a huge gap opened on a large white and silvery room filled with computers he had never seen and strange even-more-futuristic-looking chairs. He frowned, pondering about what this might be.

Voices were heard as though some people were casually chatting about the weather and laughing. Due to the fact that he was so much on his guard and that he hadn’t expected this, Grimm jumped and threw himself against the wall in hopes to hide.

His hiding, quite efficient, lasted quite a few hours. He was almost lost in his mind while gazing off at his big black boots when he heard cute and tiny metallic sounds. It was as though the whole crew had left and only one person was left in the room…

He mustered up all of his courage and placed staep after step forward…

As he saw what was in front of him, he stopped. He was just completely shocked.

‘’How is this…even..possible?’’ he muttered.

The man standing a few feet from him turned round and as soon as he saw Grimm, the syringe he was holding fell to the floor with a loud smashing sound.

‘’No way… It’s not.. it can’t be true! You’re…I…’’

Grimm, careful, walked forward the man dressed with black pants, a blue shirt with a strange boomerang-shaped badge on it, lowering his loaded gun as he approached him.

‘’I… I saw you…many times in my dreams, but you’re…me…’’ stuttered Reaper, way too shocked.

‘’You’re my character!...Impossible! Haha!’’

Karl just couldn’t believe it! The character he had once impersonated was now standing in front of him.

‘’What a joke! Am I going mad?!’’ the actor thought.

They both stared at each other, then, with a sigh, Karl spoke.

‘’Look, we cannot really discuss here, we’re not comfortable. Come!’’

He offered a hand which the other puzzled man took, feeling weird inside. Grimm didn’t know why he took it, it wasn’t his style! But that man made him feel..as if he had butterflies inside him.

They walked, hand in hand, both hoping no one would see them, until Karl pushed his dressing room’s door open. He quickly pulled the squad man into it and gently closed the door as to not warn other people. He leaned his back against it and stroked his forehead.

‘’Wow! Isn’t it…awesome?! I mean… that we bump into each other?!’’

Grimm was giving him the look of the man who thinks that his companion is totally cracked.

‘’Humpf… Look, ok, I know this is all weird even I can’t really believe it, but just wait in here till I get back. I have to go and film another scene.’’

‘’Film a scene?’’ asked Grimm, incredulous and lost.

‘’Yeah.’’ Karl replied while re-opening the door. ‘’Please, just wait here.’’

And he close dit.

Grimm was now left alone in some place he did not know. After a short while spent staring at the closed door hoping it would fling open anytime soon, he decided to prowl a bit around the room.

‘’Why is he…?! What happened?! Is he some kind of an actor?! Where is mah crew, dammit?... Who is this guy? He seems so…like me… same face! Different suit…Maybe another ship! But why has he said ‘’film’’?...’’

So many thoughts were hitting his mind at that right moment. He just couldn’t stand on place, so he quickly moved towards the first thing that caught his attention : the only table in the room. So, he walked towards it and looked at it from above. He noticed a frame which he grabbed out of curiosity.

He passed his index on it, cleaning out the dust of it. A pang of sadness and lust hit him as he was staring at Karl’s face. But then, he loosened his grip on the frame which broke as it hit the wooden table.

‘’What is wrong with me?!...Shit! That guy is me…. Another side of me…Or so it seems..!’’

And he began pacing up and down his lookalike’s dressing room or whatever it was called.

Meanwhile, Karl was walking pretty fast to the other set. He needed to film another excerpt of Star Trek. He almost didn’t say hello to the people who passed him by which was quite unusual but he just couldn’t get his mind straight on anything else but the newcomer : Reaper! HIS Reaper…

‘’Humpf… That’s crazy! MY character…’’

And so an hour passed : Karl filming the new Star Trek film and Grimm pacing around the same room untile…the dressing room’s door opened.

And there he was, looking straight at him. It had seemed to Grimm as if he had been waiting a whole week to see him. He needed him. Strangely enough. He was happy, butterflies in his stomach (and so had Karl), but there was still something in need of clarifying.

‘’What are----‘’

‘’You’re my character.’’ Said Karl in an all matter-of-fact voice.’’I mean… I impersonated you in one of my movies! Never occured to me the thought that you could be real actually…’’

‘’Your…character? How…I’m alive! How can I be your…’’

And suddenly, realization hit him hard. His eyes opened wide and a shiver went through his whole body.

‘’So that’s it.’’ He thought, dreamily.’’ That’s what happened… I’ve been materialized from his imagination to in front of him…’’

‘’That’s----‘’ he began.

‘’Incredible. I know.’’ Completed Karl, walking towards him.

The wonderful actor cupped Grimm’s cheek with his hand as Grimm was looking at him admiringly. They both understood what were those butterflies they both felt since they met; Infatuation! And more… The character in love with his creator. And the creator in love with his character. It was only logical. It was truth. The undeniable truth.

And Grimm didn’t want to be anywhere else at that moment.

‘’I never thought i twas you I was longing for all my life…’’ said Reaper in a loving whisper.

Karl smiled a little before kissing him passionately.

‘’I’m glad to have you…Grimm.’’

I want nothing obscene! Just to make them admit that they feel more than friendship! That's all! Because everyone knows it's true xD.. We are just waiting for the sayings :P!

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Attirant. *Fanfiction. 2/12*

Notes de l'auteure: Salut! Je voudrais tout d'abord vous avertir que ce deuxième chapitre sera le dernier que vous lirez pour des mois car je n'ai plus d'ordi *elle a brisé, génial!* et le cégep se termine pour moi à Noël donc... je n'aurai plus accès à l'internet pendant des mois jusqu'à ce que j'obtienne ma nouvelle ordinateur! Pendant ce temps, amusez-vous avec celui-ci et au plaisir de vous revoir au troisième :D! Et n'oubliez pas de commenter, j'adore ça! ^^

Disclaimer: Encore une fois, rien de cela ne m'appartient sauf ma représentation des personnages, l'idée de cette fanfic et de ce chapitre, ce chapitre et cette fanfiction et bien sûr :), mon style d'écriture.


Chapitre 2. Bombe ou message?

Batman, sachant que le Joker avait préparé un mauvais coup, se précipita vers la chambre de laquelle il l'avait vu sortir. Il ne se soucia même pas du Joker qui s'en allait de l'hôpital en chantant sauf pour un regard qu'il lui lança avant de continuer sa course. Il le rattraperait plus tard. Il avait plus important à se soucier bien que son ennemi était très dangereux lorsqu'il s'en donnait la peine.

Arrivé devant la chambre de la victime, Batman soupire puis entra à l'intérieur en un coup de vent. Il se dirigea rapidement vers l'homme au centre de la pièce. Batman s'accroupit et lui détacha les mains puis vérifia les blessures de l'homme.

Le tout se fit en vitesse car Batman croyait en la présence d'une bombe placée dans cette pièce par son ennemi juré, le Joker. Il se leva soudainement puis, avec une rapidité extrême, se mit à chercher la caméra.

-Q-que faites-vous? lui demanda l'homme effrayé.

Le pied de Batman se cogna soudainement contre un objet métallique qui fut propulsé quelques décimètres plus loin à cause de la force de l'impact. La grande chauve-souris pensa à sourire puis se pencha et ramassa la caméra. Il l'inspecta puis se tourna vers l'homme.

- Vous avez besoin de -il de sa fameuse voix grave et forcée.

Il se précipita vers le bouton d'urgence qu'il y a dans chaque chambre d'hôpital pour les patients et appuya dessus puis, rapidement, il s'enfuit de l'hôpital avec la caméra en main.

Il espérait se rendre chez lui avant qu'elle n'explose.

Debout dans son atelier technologique, Bruce Wayne examinait la caméra. Pour l'instant, il n'avait toujours rien trouvé de dangereux et il commençait à croire qu'il n'y avait peut-être rien de vraiment alarmant à propos de la caméra sauf pour le fait qu'elle avait été laissée là par le Joker.

Il soupira puis sortit la vidéo cassette placée dans la caméra. Il vaut peut-être mieux vérifier ce qu'il a filmé, pensa-t-il. Si jamais il l'a fait.

Tout ce que Batman remarqua d'étrange à propos de cette vidéo était qu'elle avait été manipulée par son ennemi juré. Sinon, il n'y avait que le récit de la vie d'un homme raconté par celui-ci.

Bruce resta silencieux, les bras croisés, à regarder les multiples écrans noirs devant lui. La vidéo était terminée mais, il n'arrêtait pas de penser au message que le Joker avait voulu lui transmettre par cet intermédiaire. Il se pouvait qu'il n'y en ait aucun. C'était très rare de la part du Joker, mais bon, c'était peut-être sensé être un nouveau typer de blague.

Le milliardaire soupira puis se demanda: Pourquoi le Joker?

Combien de temps encore passera-t-il à le pourchasser?

Le Joker se trouvait dans son antre. Debout, il regardait le noir de la nuit et riait, riait... Il riait tellement que si quelqu'un passait par la rue en ce moment même, il aurait cru qu'il était tout simplement dément. Ce qui n'était pas très loin de la vérité, fallait-il l'avouer...

Son antre était un simple petit apartement du premier étage situé dans le cul-de-sac d'une ruelle défavorisée. Quoi de mieux que cet endroit pour y vivre puisque les idiots de policiers ainsi que Batman le chercheraient logiquement dans de belles habitations à cause de la grande quantité d'argent qu'il avait volée.

Il se tenait dans l'antre de la porte, la main gauche posée sur le cadre, il regardait la pluie tomber ainsi que la noirceur de la nuit et riait...

Il riait parce qu'il n'arrêtait pas de penser aux réactions du Batman devant sa vidéo. Il l'imaginait: Surpris, terrassé, l'expression hilarante de l'inquiétude sur son visage durant tout le visionnement. Batman qui se demandait à quoi pouvait bien mener cette vidéo. Le Batman qui pensait à lui sûrement en ce moment même.

Le magnifique Batman...

Son Batman.



After You *Fanfic. Oneshot*

Title: After You
Author: cat_2worlds 
Rating: PG
Pairing: Holmes/Watson
Disclaimer: I own the idea, the fanfiction and that's it :)!
Summary: Watson has tried many times to be nice to Holmes in order to make him understand he loves him... But this time, will it be a 36th failure?
Author's Notes:  I might start another fanfic *a multiple chapters one* on the same subject if I got people asking me for it :)!.... *hint hint winks winks ;)*

After You


 Watson had been waiting for this date a long time. It wasn’t exactly a date, it was more of an appointment in a cozy place to talk thoroughly of their new case, but Watson liked to think it was one.

 He had understood some time ago that he was in love with Sherlock Holmes and he tried to let the concerned one know by leaving some subtle hints, but Sherlock being Sherlock he never got one out of the 35 ones he had tried.

 Watson sighed. “That man is way too concentrated on his cases!”

 He pouted, hands in his coat’s pockets, waiting for Sherlock to finally arrive at their secret and delicious meeting point.

 “Well, see it that way : It’s pretty much useful for when we get clients, but obviously not for my heart…” he kept on thinking.

 And then, on the other side of the street, he saw a shadowed figured quickly walking towards him, hands in his black coat’s pockets.

 “Hello, Watson.” Said the shadowy form in a courteous voice, finally arrived before his companion.

 “ Hi! You are 5 minutes late.” Watson said, fakily moralist and hurt.

 “No, Watson. I am 5 minutes early.” Replied Holmes in a somewhat firm and hurt voice.

Watson frowned and gave a quick glance at his wristwatch; he was sure Sherlock was late… Anyways, there was no need to argue with that man for he’d sure lose in less than a few seconds.

 As he noticed Sherlock stretching out his arm towards the restaurant’s doorknob, he rushed on it, turned the knob and pulled the door open.

 “After you!” cooed Watson, still keeping the door open.

 Sherlock shot him a weird look. It was almost as if he thought he was insane, then he rocked on his feet, his hands still in his pockets and said:

 “You know, the “after you” formality is used with women mostly and I, on the other hand Watson, am a man. So there’s no need to use it with me!”

 Watson was shocked. Simply shocked. He had thought to make a good move, and there he was being turned down by Sherlock’s brains and seriousness.

 “Looks like now it’s 36 failures for me…” sadly thought Watson.

 Sherlock, as he passed through the nicely opened door, muttered a “thank you” which gave Watson a cute little smile.

 As soon as they entered the restaurant, Sherlock made a dash for the farthest and still free table. Watson just walked slowly, used to his friend’s weirdness as he politely smiled to the other clients while being on his way to meeting him.

 He sat down and reached for the menu. None of them said a word until…

 Holmes cleared his throat, gave many inquisitive looks, then said in a low voice: “ The…erm…Just so you know I…err… appreciated your previous gesture.”

 They both looked straight at each other, then Watson was in the process of opening his mouth in order to say something…

 “The one which you held the door opened for me… Thank you.” Sherlock quickly added, before faking to take a huge interest in his menu.

 Watson smiled widely and thought happily: “Maybe not 36th failure after all…”                  

Star Trek Land, Girls/Guys!

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Kurt Contest's Entries

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Kurt Contest

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Why you?
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The main judge will be me. As for if there is a tie, I will be the one who gets away with the last one. But overall, you'll all be judges with the only restriction of NOT VOTING FOR YOURSELF. THat's all :D. Thank you.

So, I will post a new entry on my journal titled '' Contest's Entries'' . There, you will post your work.

Voting: And for all you to see that there will be no cheats, I will create a Voting post too JUST on the 16th of December.*So don't look for it right now* Everyone must rate their 3 favorites. like 1- Sunshine. 2- *Idontknow...etc.!  ANd so will I do too as well as a fanfic :)! I'Ll calcul all this and  I will post the results in another post. Also, the voting will be from the 15th of December to the 19th of December. On the 20th I will tell you who won *in another newly-created post on the 20th*. So be sure to keep an eye out on my journal :)!

Prizes: All three winners might have what they want. If one wants a 30 seconds video with their fave pairing, perfect! If one wants a fanfic! Cool. If the other one wants a banner or icons or etc. Perfect :D! And for all the others...well... you could win small fanfics of your fave pairing. Like a 400 hundred words one. But we might talk about it later. ;)

Time: The contest starts on 15th of November 2010 and ends on the 15th of December 2010. If this one was a success, I might create another contest later during the New Year... ^^

Also...post like this!

Word Count

Here you go! So tell me, who's in?! :D *I am!*

Attirant. *Fanfiction. Joker/Batman. 1/12.*

Notes de l'auteure : Salut ! Bon, voici ma deuxième longue fanfic à propos du Joker. Ça m'a prit par plaisir ( d'un coup en faite, pas planifiée genre ... ) d'la faire alors voilà ! :P Haha ! ^^C'est beauuuucoup plus un JokerxBatman croché... vous allez voir ! ^^ Le Joker ne fait que s'amuser avec les sentiments et les envies de Batman à son égard :P. Voilà en gros. Espérons seulement que le Joker ne se fasse pas pogner à ce jeu, hein ! ? ^^ Bonne lecture ! ^^

Disclaimer : Je ne possède pas les droits connus concernant DC Comics, Batman et tout ce qu'a créé Bob Kane. MAIIISSS Je possède l'idée de cette fanfic et bien sûr, mon style d'écriture ! ^^

Bonne lecture !

J'espère que vous aimerez !


Laissez vos coms :) !

Allez voir la vidéo de GonzoRumJunkie sur youtube intitulée Joker/Batman Slash- " I wish your body was not so warm to me." C'est ça qui m'a inspiré pour écrire cette fic ! Voilà ! Merci ! ^^ :) C'est un très bon vidéo en passant . LoL

Allez, amusez-vous ! ^^

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À la prochaine ! :)


Chapitre 1. Infirmière

- Allez. Souris !

Il pressa le petit bouton sur le dessus de la caméra et se mit à filmer la figure lugubre de l'homme devant lui ...

Il se dit que c'était peut-être à cause qu'il lui avait attaché les mains dans le dos, qu'il l'avait bousculé, frappé et menacé de tuer des gens qu'il aime s'il ne l'écoutait pas. Tout ça avait sûrement aidé à la cause mais il n'en fit pas un drame puisqu'il préférait la comédie.

Sans vraiment s'en soucier, il regarda à travers l'objectif pour voir l'homme au regard lugubre de près. Il lui ordonne de parler; parler de tout et de rien, de sa famille, de ses intérêts, etc.

L'homme obéit monotonement en regardant la caméra d'un air meurtrier qui scintillait dans ses yeux.

Le caméraman savait que ce regard lui était adressé mais s'en soucia guère. À la fin de l'enregistrement, il regarda la petite lumière rouge sur la caméra et s'assura qu'elle soit éteinte avant de déposer l'objet à ses pieds.

- Tu as bien écouté ce que je t'ai dis, comparé aux autres qui se démènent et me gueulent après, tu es resté assez calme malgré tout et je dois avouer que j'ai bien apprécié. Dit-il à l'homme au constant regard lugubre.

Il se tourna un peu sur le côté droit et regarda l'entrée de la chambre d'hôpital où ils se trouvaient et il se mit à penser si Batman arriverait bientôt. Il repensa subitement où il était et qu'il devait conclure avec l'homme avant de faire autre chose.

Maintenant tourné vers sa victime, il lui dit d'un air dégagé : - Bien, tu vas rester là en espérant que Batman vienne te sauver. Souris ! Ajouta-t-il en la regardant, sourire aux lèvres.

La seule réponse qu'il reçut fut un beau regard meurtrier et lugubre.

Il sortit de la chambre et se mit à marcher le long du couloir adjacent.

Peut-être qu'il viendra le sauver. Peut-être aussi sera-t-il trop occupé à en sauver d'autres pour entendre les plaintes et cris intérieurs de celui-ci. Humpf.

Il repensait à la caméra qu'il avait laissé à terre dans cette pièce et il se demandait comment Batman réagira lorsqu'il l'écoutera. Haha. Il rit, amusé, intérieurement.

Il se demandait s'il apparaître à une des deux extremités du couloir de cet hôpital ou bien s'il ne viendrait pas rejoindre le Joker.

Il entendit des bruits d'air étouffés. Il venait d'arriver.

- Joker ! Lança Batman, courant vers lui.

- Ouiii ... ? dit Joker, se lavant les mains avec le savon d'un présentoir tout en marchant.

- Tu as encore manigancé quelque chose ? ! Qu'as-tu fais ? grogna-t-il.

- J'ai seulement rendu une petite visite à un certain homme sur ce couloir. Répondit-il, s'essuyant le peu de savon qu'il lui restait sur les mains sur son habit d'infirmière.

Batman fronça les sourcils.

- Oh ! Et je t'ai laissé un petit cadeau. C'est un souvenir de moi, si ça te tente ! Ha ha ha !

Batman arrêta soudainement, certain que ce petit cadeau devait être une bombe qui allait exploser à tout moment.

- Bonne journée, Batman. Lança le Joker d'un air jovial souligné d'un ses petits rires habituels.